Mozaïque is a social business aiming to increase artisans' financial predictability by developing together with them the necessary tools to take their products to the global market. 

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Old Town Alexandria / Washington DC



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On the Road to Rug in Maramures

A highly tailored cultural, yet relaxing experience tucked away in the remote village of Breb at the foothills of Gutai mountains. Guests will have the opportunity to live off the grid in traditional wooden houses restored for the 21st century with respect to heritage details and traditional materials.
This private tour will go along the route of making a rug from start to finish - from the shearing of the sheep to the final product under guidance of a local rug artisan.


Sample Schedule

  • Day 1 Arrive in Cluj - spend the night and dinner

  • Day 2 Leave for Maramures - spend the day in Breb and local dinner

  • Day 3 Meet the weavers and preparation for weaving workshop

  • Day 4 Rug making workshop

  • Day 5 Trip to Botiza and natural dye workshop

  • Day 6 Exploring the road to rug and surrounding

  • Day 7 Return to Cluj

The cost includes local transportation, accommodation, guide, workshops and meals (breakfast and dinner). International travel and any visa related costs are not included.